Different Types of Window Shades and Awnings

Window Shades

Window shades, also known as blinds, are used for covering the windows of the rooms in our homes or offices. A window shade is a kind of window coverings. There are various types of window shades that make use of various control systems.

One of the most popular window shades is the fabric ones. Most of us prefer to use fabrics because they look good and are easy to maintain. They are very versatile and can be used to decorate your house. The fabrics like the faux blinds and vinyl blinds are available in different shades, colours and designs. You can choose the one that perfectly matches with the interior of your house.

Fabric window shades have the greater advantage over their wooden counterparts because they look great and require almost no maintenance. Even if they get dirty, all you need is a gentle wipe with a moist cloth. You can choose window shades in different styles such as the French pleated and the woven style. You can choose the one that perfectly matches your home decor and furniture. However, most people prefer the faux wood blinds and vinyl window shades. In fact, they are not only very stylish but also long lasting.

If you are interested in decorating your house, then you should go for the wood blinds and vinyl window shades. They can make a big difference in the appearance of your house. However, if you are not interested in changing the interior design of your house, then you can also go for the real wood blinds and real wood window coverings.

If you live in an area where there is lots of natural light, then you should go for the bamboo window shades and honeycomb shades. They are specially designed to block the light and let it enter through different types of slats. The honeycomb shades work in the same way as the bamboo window shades. These slats have honeycombs that collect different types of light and prevent it from entering the room. However, if you want more natural light, you can also choose the wooden shutters instead of the bamboo shutters.

If you are interested in energy efficiency, then you should go for blackout fabric window shades. These are made up of waterproof material and blocks the sunlight completely. However, they do not allow the sun’s heat to enter the room. There are different types of these blackout fabrics available in the market such as blackout fabric, polyester and organic. Most of these products are quite expensive, but they offer the best protection.

As far as the window shades are concerned, you can either buy them or have them made by professionals. But, for those who are not good at designing, they can get their windows shades and awnings done by home-based specialists. For example, among awning companies, Phoenix, Sweet Nature, and Sunsets specializes in home-built awnings. Besides offering a wide range of roman shades and window shades, these companies also offer patio coverings, exterior door curtains, and siding panels.

Some of these companies also specialize in custom-made shades and awnings. In case, you are interested in getting Roman shades or Honeycomb shades made in the traditional style, then there is also an option for you. If you want your Roman shades or Honeycomb shades in the classic roman shades, then you can get them custom made in a variety of sizes, colors and materials such as canvass, cotton, linen and jute. You can also order for custom made Honeycomb shades and roman shades online. However, if you want your measurements and designs to be sent to you through email then you should choose a roman shades and window treatments company that offers online services.