Having a Church in Mississauga – 4 Great Reasons to Grow Your Church

church in Mississauga

People are not aware of the growing trend of church planting in Mississauga. This is because many may not be familiar with what is it all about. Basically, when a church is planted, a member of that church becomes a blessing to the community by performing various tasks. It is important to understand what a church in Mississauga can do for you.

– A church in Mississauga is considered as a “house” for the congregation. It is a place where people gather and worship. The people who attend the church will feel a sense of belonging to the church and are also provided with the opportunity to take part in spiritual activities. They will feel comfortable by sharing their faith to others. They will also be able to practice their faith freely.

– Another good reason to have a church in Mississauga is that it increases the value of your property. As a matter of fact, a church in Mississippi can purchase any piece of land within its area for nothing. This is especially so if the church already has a structure built on it. Therefore, the church’s investment will yield profits for a very long time. Even if you are just considering having a church built, you need to make sure that it will be well maintained.

– Another advantage is the tax exemption that the proceeds from your event will receive. When you organize an event such as a fundraising drive or a charity event, it is very important that you inform the government about it. This is required since it is a form of social activity. If you fail to inform the authorities about the event, they will not recognize the proceeds from it. As a result, they will not tax it.

– The church is able to provide a lot of services to the community because it is situated in the middle of the city. For example, the elderly, children, pregnant women, single mothers, and others can easily access the church for various services. Moreover, the church can give spiritual guidance to these people since it has the credentials of being a church.

– The church can also have a presence in the community. It is possible for it to hold Bible Studies and workshops for the people who live far away from it. It can even teach lessons and share the Word of God with these people. In fact, you can be assured that these church volunteers will help you do many good things.

– Having a church in Mississauga can also enable you to build stronger bonds with your community. Because the church will always be a part of their lives, they will become more open to the Word of God and to their fellowmen. In this way, they will be ready to accept newcomers into the community. Moreover, the church can build closer relationships with the people in the area. You can use the people in the area as your ministry areas.

– Having a church in Mississauga can also build a stronger relationship between the government and the church. In other words, the government may provide funds for the church. In return, the church will also participate in the programs sponsored by the government. Through this, you will not only gain funds for your church but also the exposure that you need to increase your membership. In the process, you can run for elective and charitable posts in the municipal government.

– The church in Mississauga is very close to the hospital and the school. This means that the church can easily raise funds to sponsor a number of activities in the hospital and at the school. The money that you raise can then be used for the various projects sponsored by the church. In return, the hospital and the school will appreciate your support.

– Your fundraising efforts can earn you a lot of local recognition. The news about your fundraiser and its success will reach all houses of worship in the area. In the end, the people living in the area will acknowledge your effort and approve of it. Your fundraiser can then be celebrated at a grand celebration. Of course, this celebration will also bring you financial success.

– When it comes to faith, having a church in Mississauga makes you one step closer to God. It strengthens your relationship with Him and with your fellowmen. Your church in Mississauga is thus a visible symbol of the love that you have to share with others. This makes your church a haven for those who are hurting. Even those who are not hurting can feel the love that fills your church.