Is Yours Authentic?

What is a vintage bag? A vintage bag is simply a unique or uncommon handbag, an item of exceptional quality and craftsmanship that tends to outlive even a contemporary bag due to its high level of craftsmanship and materials used. So, what qualifies as a vintage bag? It is hard to say. To go even further, let s break the terms down so that we can better understand what this article is talking about.

vintage bag

Vintage is a term that has both vintage and non-vintage attributes. True vintage designer handbags are authentic, never altered in any way and carry the original patina. Often, the leather is corrected to show a more worn look, and in some cases, it is dyed bright red to give it an even more authentic look. The straps are stitched to have a more worn appearance. This is classic style that cannot be replicated.

However, this kind of bag also comes with a hefty price tag. True vintage bags are hard to come by, and they usually sell for thousands of dollars. On the other hand, there are many replicas that are lower in quality and cost less than a fraction of the original price. In many instances, some even have the same logo as a vintage Chanel bag, but are not authentic.

Why would someone want a vintage bag? One reason is style. There are bags available in many styles such as the sling back, long shoulder bags, wide strap bags, clutch bags and many others. Some are classic and timeless, and some have a trendy flair. Either way, when you walk around with a bag that exudes class and is authentic, you are sure to get attention. Many women will do just that to catch your eye!

Another reason people purchase fake Chanel bags is because they do not last long. These bags are typically only made for a few years before they crumble into dust. This means that anyone purchasing one of these is getting a product that does not hold up over time. Also, the handles break off very easily. Sometimes, this means that the bag has to be thrown away.

If you plan on buying a vintage bag, you need to make sure that it is true. It cannot be faked. Genuine Chanel bags are expensive, so if you are planning on giving or trading it in, authenticity should be your top priority. Also, always check the authenticity card and store policy.